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Learn Spanish in Spain: enjoy delicious food, amazing Spanish folklore, beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches and vibrant Spanish night life with Tellus Languages Abroad. Experience total cultural immersion while learning Spanish in Spain by enrolling to our Spanish courses abroad.

Picture of Learn Spanish in Almunecar

Learn Spanish in Almunecar

Take your Spanish language course in Almuñécar, a costal resort considered one of the most picturesque spots of the Tropical Coast of Granada in the South of Spain.

Picture of Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Study Spanish in a language school in Barcelona, the city of avant-garde architecture, renowned cuisine, flamboyant culture, wonderful weather and friendly people.

Picture of Learn Spanish in Granada

Learn Spanish in Granada

Take a language course in Granada, an ancient city in Andalusia and home to one of the oldest universities in Spain. Discover the Spanish language among famous tapas bars and vibrant nightlife.

Picture of Learn Spanish in Madrid

Learn Spanish in Madrid

Study Spanish in the capital of Spain and one of the most lively and cosmopolitan cities in the world, often tagged

Picture of Learn Spanish in Malaga

Learn Spanish in Malaga

Take your language course in Malaga on the southern coast of Spain and enjoy superb learning and leisure (private gardens and swimming pool!) facilities of our language school there.

Picture of Learn Spanish in Nerja

Learn Spanish in Nerja

Nerja is a small town on Costa del Sol, an hour drive from Malaga, which has successfully preserved its Andalusian character. It has ideal climate and average annual temperature of 20ºC.