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Learn French in Perpignan

Choosing Perpignan to learn French gives you a unique chance to live in a city in the south of France while also taking an advantage of the proximity of Spain and Barcelona.

Founded by the Romans, and the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Majorca, this city is renowned for its sunlit terraces, palm tree lined squares and extraordinary climate. Its visitors will be enchanted by its untarnished Mediterranean charm, the sea and the Pyrenees mountain range close by.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, very close to Spain, Perpignan stands as the gateway to Barcelona. It is also renowned as the Rugby land thanks to its famous Rugby heroes( USAP - the Dragons). The city has managed to keep its wine and gastronomy traditions alive, and benefit from the opening of Europe.

Studying in Perpignan

Ten per cent of Perpignan’s inhabitants are students, it has a rich cultural life and, thanks to its exceptional geographical position, all kinds of sports and leisure activities are within arm’s reach. The different immersion programs offered by our French language school in Perpignan provide our students with an exceptional opportunity to improve their French, while also being able to absorb the French way of life and take advantage of the proximity of Spain and to discover Barcelona. Throughout the languge course our French language school in Perpignan organizes cultural and sports activities to make the most of the region's fantastic natural environment. Depending on the season students can easily go to the beach, go skiing in the Pyrenees or spend a day in Spain or Montpellier. Whatever you want to do, your stay in Perpignan will give you unforgettable memories.



Our French school in Perpignan offers students a unique experience of learning French in outstanding surroundings and complete cultural immersion. Quality, Immersion and Assistance are the school's main goals.

Quality: stands for the quality of the team of French experienced native teachers, all holding FLE Masters in Teching French as a Foreign Language, modern educational means and high standard facilities. In 2007, our French school in Perpignan has obtained the prestigious certification “Qualité FLE” delivered by the French Ministry of Education.
  • Immersion: thanks to the teaching methods based more on real life situations and leisure activities rather than lectures. Our Perpignan school offers various program options suplemented by numerous cultural and social activities.

  • Assistance: school's multilingual staff takes care of the students all along their stay: airport collection, medical and administrative assistance, accommodation service. Our French school in Perpignan is recognised by the Ministry of High Education. Since March 2007 the seal «Qualité Français Langue Etrangère »was awarded to ALFMED by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The team of our French school in Perpignan aims to enable students to express themselves correctly in French at the end of their stay. Based on their levels, specific objectives will be given, progress monitored throughout the course and a final assessment. You will leave Perpignan with a memory of a unique and unforgettable experience!


Located very close to the railway station in the centre of Perpignan, the ‘centre of the world’ according to the famous painter Salvador Dali , the premises of the Academy are in a mansion from the beginning of the last century, which has been renovated in order to provide students with all the facilities of a modern school. The accommodation is very close by.

Bright and comfortable class rooms, a friendly library full of books and newspapers at the students’ disposal, an ICT and languages laboratory composed of 9 PCs with Broadband Internet connection, laser and inkjet colour printers, all with free access, a multimedia centre with a camcorder, a big screen TV, a DVD player, a café open at all times, and a charming garden to relax in. Everything is designed so that students can feel at home and study in the best environment possible.

Teaching Methods:

The school relies on highly motivated teaching staff using up-to-date, effective and original communicative teaching methods to assist students at each stage of their training.
  • Learning of the language is achieved at all levels, not only through the lessons but also during the excursions where students can learn about the regional culture, during the evenings and week-ends in their family, and also through the activities planned for the stay, visiting companies, and active participation in local events.

  • Priority is given to learning the language in a practical and recreational way, with a particular emphasis on the teaching methods, comprehension and oral expression by means of placing students in real and imaginary situations, role play, discovery courses, oral presentations, etc.

  • The teaching methods are based on a constant use of numerous and various multimedia aids: press and news agency articles, French web sites, video and audio documents, comic strips, French clips and songs, trailers from French films, and novels.

  • The students’ progress is monitored at each stage of the course they are participating in to check their level and ability to understand and be understood through reading, writing, reports, answering phone calls, or during filmed interviews.

  • A follow-up on each student’s progress outside of his/her French classes is carried out to help each student re-enforce what they have already learned through recommendations on what books or DVDs to buy, assistance on how and when to use the language lab and CD-ROMs, different cultural outings into the region, events, cinema visits, etc.

  • In their free time, supervised by their teachers, the students can also benefit from self-learning sessions, using the multimedia tools at their disposal and thus contributing to the learning they obtain from the course they are on.

  • Last but not least, after a final assessment at the end of the course, a French Communication Qualification Certificate is issued by the school.

Pedagogic Resources:

Members of the teaching staff also accompany students on the visits planned in the training programme.

  • The resources include state-of-the-art FLE books and methods. A strong emphasis is placed on the methods developed by CLE INTERNATIONAL, HACHETTE and DIDIER for teaching French as a Foreign Language. To enable easy access for the teachers, all these resources have been indexed so that they can optimize their lessons.

  • 9 multimedia computers with broadband Internet connection are accessible all day, every day on weekdays for students to improve their French grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, and to keep in touch with their family and friends all over the world.

  • CD players, camcorders, DVD players, overhead projectors, language learning software, national and local newspapers are available.

  • A comfortable library and a language laboratory are there for students to use in a quiet environment.



De Gaulle Student Residence

The De Gaulle student residence is located on the top floor of the school building. This newly renovated Residence can accommodate a maximum of 7 students.
  • 1 single room and 3 double rooms
  • Shared bathroom, toilets, large kitchen and community room with TV
  • Furnished bedrooms, bedding provided
  • Access to the private garden
  • Unlimited and free Wi-Fi
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Seaside access: 20 minutes by bus
  • Town centre access: 5 minutes by foot

Venise Student Residence

The residence Venise has 5 rooms available: 3 single and 2 double. It is situated 5 minutes by foot from the school. This residence is located in a detached house with a lovely quiet private garden. Some rooms provide direct access to the garden, other rooms have balconies.
  • 3 single rooms and 2 double rooms
  • Shared bathroom, toilets, large kitchen and community room with TV
  • Furnished bedrooms, bedding provided
  • Access to the private garden
  • Unlimited and free Wi-Fi
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Language school access: 5 mins by foot
  • Seaside access: 20 minutes by bus
  • Town centre access: 10 minutes by foot

Host Families

Our Perpignan school selects the French Host families according to the following rigorous criteria:
  • Large bedrooms for maximum 2 students per room, all fulfilling the required standards for security and hygiene.
  • Bathroom, toilets available for the students.
  • TV and internet connection.
  • Furnished bedroom, linen provided.
  • Local transportation to/from the school
Please contact us for prices and availability of this accommodation.

CITEA Studios

The CITEA Studios are located in the city centre of Perpignan, only 10 minutes from ALFMED. This brand new, luxurious site can accommodate both couples and singles. It offers large single and double bedrooms with all facilities adhering to the highest standards.
  • Bathroom, toilets, all-in equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV
  • Furnished bedrooms, bed linen provided
  • Lift, air conditioning, telephone, balcony
Please contact us for prices and availability of this accommodation.



How to get to Perpignan?

Transportation to and from Perpignan is easily accessible. The city possesses an International Airport as well as a train station (as well as a well-known train station penned “The Center of the Universe” by the Surrealist and Catalan, Salvador Dali). The freeway system that joins the Spanish Peninsula with Northern Europe provides travelers quick access by car or bus to all nearby large towns and cities. The tourist resources of the region have brought not only large airline companies but also discount airlines that offer competitive prices for students.

Thanks to the airline companies Air France , RYANAIR and FLYBE, the International Airport of Perpignan-Rivesaltes is daily relied upon by a hand-full of large European cities. Carcassone (FR) and Gerona airport (SP) are also very close

Each of the International Airline Companies serves the airports of Paris-Roissy and Paris-Orly, as well as Toulouse, Montpellier, London and Barcelona. From these cities it is possible to reach Perpignan by plane, train or bus in less than 3 hours. See these useful links for more information.

The network of regular bus lines allow one to make fast trips for a small price. Please go to: www.eurolines.com for more information. You may also want to visit for a low cost shuttle between Girona low cost airport and Perpignan 4 times a day.

The connection to the railroad network of the TGV or regional trains allows for very quick transport to numerous French cities as well as to Barcelona. Please go to

First Days in Perpignan

The Sunday before the start of courses, students are met at the airport or the train station and brought directly to where they will be staying.

All transportation and reception is assured by the staff of the Academy.

Before their departure, the students are given the address where they will be staying and a telephone number in case of last-minute problems.

Upon arrival, a complete package containing all the information necessary (maps, directions, access to the school on foot or by bus, a telephone number in case of problems) is provided.

Schedule of the first day:
  • 9h15 - 10h: Welcoming reception for the students of the Academy to meet the education staff and become familiar with their new surroundings. All the administrative information concerning their stay is covered and they are able to meet the fellow students. Unlimited internet access is provided for all those who want to send a message home…
  • Written and Oral Evaluation is given order to determine which level the student will be placed
  • Welcome Petit déjeuner with our staff
  • Visit of the Academy
  • 10h - 12h: French class starts!!
  • 2h pm: Computer lab session: how to use the Pc and the multi media software
  • 2h30 pm: Nicolas gives you more information about all the cultural events of the following weeks : outings with the class, optional activities, Flee market, apero going on, festivals etc ... help is provided for daily life.