Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Study Spanish surrounded by Gaudi's masterpieces Language school's learning facilities in Barcelona, Spain Meet international students of Spanish over tapas in the evening



Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Learn Spanish in Barcelona - the second largest city in Spain in both size and population. The capital of Catalonia is unequivocally a Mediterranean city, not only because of its geographic location but also and above all because of its history, tradition and cultural influences.

The documented history of the city dates back to the founding of a Roman colony on its soil in the second century B.C. Modern Barcelona experienced spectacular growth and economic revival at the onset of industrialization during the second half of the 19th century. The 1888 World's Fair became a symbol of the capacity for hard work and the international outlook projected by the city.

Learn Spanish in a world renowned city of culture

Culture and the arts flourished in Barcelona and in all of Catalonia; the splendor achieved by Catalonian modernism is one of the most patent displays.

Barcelona, more than just a single city, is really a collection of multi-faceted and diverse cities. The visitor unfamiliar with its history might be surprised that such a modern and enterprising city preserves its historic Gothic center almost intact, or by the curious contrast between the maze of narrow streets and the grid-like layout of the Eixample, the urban planning "Enlargement" project of the end of the 19th century.

Vistit Gaudi's amazing buildings during your Spanish course in Barcelona

Fabulous architecture, brilliant Spanish cuisine, flamboyant culture and wonderful weather combine to make Barcelona a truly magnificent city.



Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Are you looking for a Spanish language school in Barcelona? Would you prefer to learn Spanish on a high quality Spanish course abroad with fully qualified native teachers and small class sizes in a school located in the very centre of Barcelona? Would you like your accommodation to be in the same location as the school, right in the centre of Barcelona? If yes, then our Barcelona Spanish language school is the perfect choice for you!

Language School in the heart of Barcelona

Our fully air-conditioned school is located just a ten minutes' walk from Plaza Cataluña in the heart of Barcelona. Famous landmarks such as Gaudi's 'La Pedrera' and the 'Casa Batlló' are within easy walking distance of the school!


As well as spacious classrooms, a common room for students and an Internet café, our school also has a large patio, extensive roof-top sun terrace - very popular with students at break time and after class – and on-site student accommodation!
  • High quality Spanish course in the centre of Barcelona
  • On-site accommodation in apartments or hall of residence
  • Small class sizes (maximum 10 students) for all Spanish lessons
  • Location in the heart of Barcelona
  • Fully-qualified native Spanish teachers
  • High degree of personal attention to every student
  • Exceptionally high standard, air-conditioned premises
  • School Internet café with free Internet access
  • Private patio and roof-top sun terrace
  • Cultural programme of activities, visits + excursions to compliment your Spanish course

All the teachers are native Spanish speakers with a university degree and specific training in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The maximum class size is just 10, with an average of 7 students per group.

Cultural visits

Our Barcelona Spanish school organises a wide range of guided walks, visits and other activities for their students, not only to help students practise out of class the skills they have learnt during their Spanish lessons, but also to make sure that you really enjoy their time in Barcelona!

Language training

Each student is treated as an individual, and their level of Spanish carefully assessed before they start their course, with continuous checks during the course, and their satisfaction with their course and accommodation monitored.

Important note:

Public holidays: January: 6, March: 7, April: 22 & 25, June 13 & 24, August: 15, October: 12, November: 1, December: 6, 8 & 26. The school will be closed on these days. Lessons lost on these days will not be made up.



On-site Superior Apartments

If you want to live right in the centre of Barcelona, you should stay in one of the ´On-site Superior Apartments´, which are located in the same building as the school in the centre of Barcelona. You will share your apartment with other students from the school.

On-site Superior Residence

If you want meals provided, stay in our own On-site Superior Residence, which is situated in the same building as our ´Superior Student Apartments´, right above our school, in the centre of Barcelona. You will share the residence with other students from our school.

There is FREE Wi-Fi internet access in every Superior Apartment and throughout the Superior Residence, which is not available in other types of accommodation.

Spanish Host Families

Your accommodation can also be arranged for in one of the school’s carefully selected Spanish host families.

Standard Self-catering Apartments

You can choose to stay in a Standard Self Catering Apartment, which you will share with Spanish or other international students. These apartments are not located in the same building as our school and are a cheaper option.

Standard Student Residence

You can also choose to stay in standard student residence, with or without meals. This residence is not in the same area as the school. You will share the residence with Spanish people and sometimes also other international students, but, unlike staying in an apartment, you will not be able to cook there.

Private studio apartments

If you do not wish to share your apartment with other students, accommodation in private studio apartments can also be arranged.

On arrival

The accommodation is made available from the Sunday before their course starts, with departure on the Saturday after the course finishes. However, it is often possible to arrive a day earlier, or leave a day later, although, naturally, there will be a charge for the extra nights.

Should you wish to stay on in your accommodation after your course finishes, or if you would like to book accommodation for a friend or relative not be attending a Spanish course, this can normally be arranged for you, provided that the accommodation required is available.



Ideally, you should arrange to arrive in Barcelona on the Sunday before your course starts. If you need to arrive earlier, this may be possible, but we should be informed of this in advance, so that we can arrange this for you.

The full address of your accommodation will be sent to you well before you arrive. On your arrival in Barcelona, you should go directly to your accommodation.

It is also very important that you inform us of your expected time of arrival, so that we can make sure someone is to meet you at your accommodation when you arrive. You should then arrive at our school at 08.30 on the first morning of your course.

How to get to Barcelona

It is very easy to get to Barcelona. There are direct flights to Barcelona International Airport from all over the world.

The airlines flying to Barcelona include the following:

How to get to your accommodation

We will send you your accommodation details well before you arrive in Barcelona. After arriving in Barcelona, you should take a taxi, or the Metro, to your accommodation.

Arriving at Barcelona Airport: If you arrive at Barcelona Airport, you can take the Airport Bus to Plaza Cataluña (a single ticket costs 4 Euros). From there, you can take a taxi or the Metro to your accommodation.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi directly from Barcelona Airport to your accommodation (about 25 Euros).

As another alternative, we can arrange an airport transfer for you.

Airport transfers

Please note that we can arrange airport transfers for both the arrival and the departure from/to Barcelona Airport or Girona Airport.

Emergency telephone number

After you reserve your Spanish course, you will be sent confirmation of the course reserved for you, together with the school contact details and the emergency telephone number. If you have booked accommodation through us, you should inform us of your expected time of arrival, so that we can make sure that somebody is there to let you in when you arrive at your accommodation.

If your arrival is delayed, or if you have some other emergency regarding your arrival, you should, first of all, phone the school’s main telephone number. If the offices are closed, you should contact the emergency telephone number.

How to get to your language school in Barcelona

Our Spanish language school in Barcelona is located just a 10 minutes’ walk from Plaza Cataluña. The nearest Metro station is Urgell. The buses that go closest to the school are Number 9, 14, 20, 37, 50, 56 or 59. You should arrive at school at 08.30 on the first day of your course.

The first day of your Spanish language course

On your arrival at school at 08.30 on the first morning of your course, you will be welcomed to the school and given a ‘Welcome Pack’ with information on Barcelona, the school and the course.
  • If you are not a complete beginner in Spanish, you will be given a placement test (both written and spoken), so that you can be placed you in a group which is suitable for your language level
  • If you are a complete beginner, you will obviously not have to take a test, but will join a beginners’ group straight away
  • You will also be shown round the school, as well as given an orientation tour of the centre of Barcelona
  • You will be invited to attend a ‘Welcome Party’ at the school that evening, where you will be able to meet other students
  • It is natural that you may be worried about our first day, but you should not be: We all want you to settle in quickly and we will do all we can to make you feel at ease and happy to be in Barcelona!