The Conditions with their definitions and possible interpretations

With ‘the term Company', we mean Tellus Group Ltd. The term ‘Client' refers to the person(s) who has/have made the booking or in whose name it has been made, and it shall also include the person/persons on whose behalf the afore-mentioned booking has been made. The term 'Force Majeure' refers to any event outside the Company's control preventing the timely delivery of the obligations it has towards the Client, including extreme weather conditions and other natural disasters, civil strife, war, etc.


Unless it is otherwise mentioned, one week’s accommodation means 6 nights from Sunday to Saturday. On the other hand, should fewer than 6 nights be spent in the accommodation provided for the Client in any particular week, no discount will be given. If the dates of arrival or departure fall on days other than Saturday or Sunday, the Client may be requested to pay a supplementary fee.


the number of lessons in a course indicated corresponds to the practice in force in that particular school, with the lessons possibly lasting between 40 and 60 minutes (the number of minutes the lessons contain can usually be seen on the website or in the brochure. Furthermore, due to the initial placement test, usually on the first Monday of the course, a reduction in the number of hours shown in the brochure may occur: occasionally, no reduction is made; frequently, the first 2 lessons might be missed; and, intermittently, the lessons for the whole of the first Monday may be missed. Owing to assessments carried out during the course (every two or four weeks, usually on Fridays), some missed lessons may also occur. No liability by the Company will be accepted nor refunds given for lessons missed for the above reasons. In such exceptional cases where the Client is the sole student at his/her level, but enrolled on a group course, one-to-one tuition may be offered by the school instead of group lessons, rather than placement in another group at an unsuitable level.

Materials, Refunds and Transfers

Apart from where it has been specifically mentioned otherwise, course materials, fees for examinations, airport transfers, activities and excursions are not included. No monies will be refunded by the Company to any Clients enrolling on a course which requires a specific level and who later cannot join this course after it is shown by the placement test that they do not possess the required language skills. In such cases, a more suitable alternative will be offered to the Client by the school and, should the alternative course be less expensive) a refund will be given by the Company. When there are not enough students to run a given group class, an offer of a reduced number of one-to-one lessons may be offered or arrangements made to run the course at another school of similar standard.

Activities and Excursions

If not specifically mentioned in the invoice which confirms the booking, the descriptions of activities and excursions of all the language courses are to be regarded as guidance only, as some of them might not be run at all or could be substituted by others. In addition, no activities at all may be organized in the low season.

Public Holidays

should a course coincide with a public holiday, there will be neither any lessons that day and nor a reduction in price unless stated otherwise. However, one-to-one lessons can be rescheduled although this not always the case. For the exact dates of such days, please, see information on public holidays under schools and programmes’ descriptions, bearing in mind that they are often subject to change.

Booking and Payment

The contract between the Company and the Client any bookings become valid only after the former has provided the latter with a posted facsimiled or emailed invoice conforming the booking: an emailed acknowledgement of the receipt of an order will not be considered such a confirmation. This confirmation invoice is issued after a completed booking form, a deposit of £50 for the course (£300 for group courses), agreed travel costs and insurance fees (if required) have been received. Where the full amount due for the course has not been by the date given in the above-mentioned invoice i.e. 2 weeks before the expected arrival of the student, the Company has the right to cancel such bookings and to impose the cancellation charges, stated below.

Prices and Surcharges

The current tariffs can be viewed on our website and the prices in printed materials such as brochure supplements, advertisements etc. are for indicative only. The prices stated are valid until further notice and also subject to change at any time. This also includes prices for online orders which may be subject to change, too, unless they are received with the payment in full or the agreed deposit.

Note: The price of your language course may increase due to surcharges caused by the following: governmental action, increases in scheduled airfares and adverse currency fluctuations. Should such events ever arise, the Company will absorb the cost of such events to an amount equivalent to 2% of the price of the language course, but this does not include insurance premiums and amendment charges. In addition, any charges occurring after the final balance has been received will also absorbed by the Company. In the case of a more favourable fluctuation in the currency market, the Company reserves the right not to alter the prices.

Credit card and non-UK debit card payments will accrue standard fees for bookings based on the fees our bank charges us for processing each payment with such cards, and which, therefore, need to be passed on to Clients. In line with this, it is necessary for the Company to charge more for USD, Euro and American Express payments as us a much higher amount is charged by the bank for payments with these cards: it is not our aim to boost our profit by adding on these fees.

The current fees for bookings with credit card payment are as follows:

GBP Credit Card: 2.75%

USD Debit/Credit Card: 2.75%

EUR Debit/Credit Card: 2.75%

GBP Amex: 3.5%

Alterations made by the Company to confirmed arrangements

When any arrangements have been confirmed by the Company, it will do its utmost to keep to them. However, the right to cancel or modify any language course, itinerary, accommodation, flight schedule, or the carrier or aircraft type will be reserved by the Company should unanticipated circumstances come to pass. Nevertheless, should the Company be compelled to cancel or alter appreciably a crucial constituent of the Client's language course due to force majeure, on or prior to the due date for the balance of payment, the Client will be notified by the Company shall as soon as that is possible and be proffer a selection of equivalent, alternative language courses to choose from. Should an alternative of similar price not be available, the closest available alternative will be offered by the Company and any difference paid by the Client refunded. In case of this occurring when the language course has already started, reasonable alternative arrangements will be attempted by the Company. Furthermore, the airline and type of aircraft likely to be used for the language course are subject to change and the CAA obliges the company to state that any certain details concerning the airline or the type of aircraft the Client will be travelling on cannot be given to the Client. Clients should also be aware that in cases of airlines with codesharing agreements, a different operator to that issuing the ticket may provide their flights.

The Company’s Liability

The Company has the responsibility to guarantee that all the elements of the language training chosen by the Client are delivered as described by the Company and that all its services are provided to a reasonable standard. However, the company cannot be held liable for any failure or inappropriate execution of these services when such occurrences are attributed to the following.

1. The Client’s own fault.

2. The unpredictable or inescapable actions by an unconnected third party,

3. Extraordinary and unforeseeable conditions outside the control of the Company's suppliers, including force majeure, overbookings or cancellations made by airline, ferry, train bus, or car hire operators, and delays.

4. International conventions in respect of air or sea carriers.

Furthermore, the Company does not accept responsibility for tickets after they have been posted. Consequently, it is firmly recommended the Client pay an additional Special Delivery fee of £5.00 (within the mainland UK) for the secure delivery of their flight, coach or rail tickets as, if such tickets are lost in regular post, a fee may be charged for the issue of replacement tickets and, in certain cases, this will not even be possible and the Clients flights will be forfeited.

Alterations made by the Client to confirmed arrangements

should the Client wish to make any changes in their bookings after the delivery of the confirmation invoice, the Company must be informed without delay in writing. In such cases, the right to charge £50 per person per change is reserved by the Company so that it can cover the additional amount of administrative work caused in addition to any additional charges which may be inflicted on the Company by schools, airlines or other suppliers. Unless otherwise specified by the Company, All airline tickets and other travel products (train, coach, bus tickets) issued are non-flexible (except where the company explicitly specifies otherwise) which means that any changes including date, time, destination, and name on a ticket will normally be treated by any airline as a cancellation and re-booking, and 100% cancellation charges may apply.

Cancellations by the Client and Cancellations by the Client due to Visa Problems

If the Client wants to cancel their booking, the person who signed the booking form or who made the online order must do so in writing, and then the date of receipt of the letter by the company will be regarded as the date of cancellation.

The charges for cancellation are based on the following:

  • (43) days or more prior to departure = only the deposit paid AND any non-flexible travel products
  • (28-42) days prior to departure = 40% AND any non-flexible travel products
  • (8-27) days prior to departure = 60% AND any non-flexible travel products
  • (1-7) days prior to departure = 100% AND any non-flexible travel products

  • When the course has already commenced no refund will be given for any course, accommodation or other item the Client has booked.
    In cases where the Client is required to obtain a visa and has made a reasonable effort to do so within a reasonable time but has not been able to obtain one, all the money and deposits he has paid will be refunded less a £50 administration charge when the Company has received written confirmation in the form of the original document from the consulate concerned detailing the reasons for rejection. In order to qualify for refund, he Client must notify the Company of visa rejection in writing (or e-mail) a minimum of 2 weeks before the course is to commence or the date accommodation has been booked for. However, refunds for flights or other travel products will not be given.

    In the case of cancellation or visa problems, also the following charges will be applied depending on how the refund is paid:

    Bank transfers: £10

    International cheques: £7.50 ,

    UK cheques or refunds to a UK debit card: £1

    Credit cards: 2.5% of the total.

    Claim compensation from insurance is the responsibility of the Client as claims cannot be made by the Company on behalf of the Client.


    To the best of the Company’s knowledge, all the statements made in its publicity materials and the website are factual and correct, and it has made every reasonable effort to describe the schools, the activities involved and the services provided to their true likeness. For this reason, the Company will not accept responsibility for any changes which it was not aware of before the brochure was produced nor accept liability for events beyond its reasonable control. Should any such changes occur, the Company will provide the Client, prior to his departure, with information on any material changes known to it. Furthermore, the Company will provide any updated information on its website.

    Special Requirements

    If the Client has any special requirements, the Company must be advised of them in writing.

    General Information

    General information can be found in the Company’s brochure and website to advise and assist the Clients and to provide them guidance. It is recommended that the Client reads it carefully. These conditions incorporated in the contract are governed by English law and any matters which arise from are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.